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Bankruptcy and rehabilitation

Bankruptcy (rehabilitation) is one of the most complex areas of practice, along with tax law. It is not only lengthy (9-12 months), but also a multistage and multi-component industry at the intersection of civil, administrative and criminal law.

The experience of our lawyers and the established relationships allow us to successfully resolve even the most complex cases.

Protecting a creditor in bankruptcy, we:

1) Dissolve the schemes of withdrawal of funds and other property of the debtor; 
2) Challenge doubtful transactions in the period of pre-bankruptcy; 
3) bring the debtor's managers and owners (founders) to justice up to and including criminal prosecution.


Protecting the interests of the debtor, we:

1) We advise and accompany the debtor's activity from the point of view of prevention of bankruptcy and its financial recovery;
2) identify and take measures to improve the legal and financial purity of transactions;
3) we accompany the restructuring of debts;
4) improving the business structure;
5) identify and eliminate potential risks from creditors.


Also we:

1) Support the process of inclusion of debtor's creditor claims in the register
2) We oppose the inclusion in the creditor register of claims of creditors who are not entitled to do so;
3) Recover receivables.