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State purchases

Our lawyers have extensive and positive experience in protecting the interests of clients in public procurement.

This area is very complex and specific due to the fact that the government is almost completely invulnerable to government procurement litigation over the years. However, the positive practice of our lawyers shows that the right approach to protecting the interests of clients in courts, a well-coordinated strategy of protection in court and a solid evidence base lead to success.

Our lawyers have experience of working with the state under the general rules, the rules of the JSC "National Welfare Fund "Samruk-Қазына" and others.


1) Pre-trial and judicial settlement of the dispute in the state body and court;
2) Judicial challenge to the entry in the register of unscrupulous participants of public procurement in the list of unreliable suppliers of JSC "NWF "Samruk-Қазына;
3) Legal support of the procedure of conclusion of the contract of public procurement;
4) Legal expertise of the contract, technical specification;
5) Correspondence with state authorities on the execution of the contract of public procurement.