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Intellectual property

Our lawyers provide comprehensive legal support in the registration, transfer, use and protection of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, inventions, copyrights, domain names, etc. We protect clients' intellectual property rights in commercial disputes, patent offices, customs and law enforcement authorities, courts and international commercial arbitration.

We represent clients in cases of reputation protection and compliance with advertising laws.

Our services:

1) Protection of intellectual property rights (copyrights),
including computer programs and databases, complex objects, inventions,
utility models, know-how, industrial designs, etc.) and tools
individualization (trademarks, service marks, appellations of places
origin of goods, trade names);
2) Combating counterfeit goods, including in civil, administrative and criminal
okay. (Chuckles)
3) Protection of rights under the "anti-piracy" legislation, domain disputes, disputes in
the interests of film companies, publishing houses, and other disputes in the field of copyright and related
is right;
4) Representation of interests in cases of contract conclusion, execution and termination
on the disposal of exclusive rights to IP objects;
5) Support in disputes on unfair competition and abuse of rights;
6) Contractual work: registration of alienation of exclusive rights, pledge and
Granting of the right of use under license agreements and contracts
commercial concession ("franchising");
7) Cancellation of trademarks, patents;
8) Extension of the term of validity of trademark and patent registration, payment of annual fees;
9) Inclusion of IP objects in the customs register for the purpose of import control;
10) Know-how, trade secrets, confidentiality and information protection.