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Executive production

Practice in Kazakhstan shows that winning in court is only half the case. The second half of the case and the actual implementation of the judicial act depends on the quality of the execution of the judicial act by the bailiff and debt collection.

Our many years of well-established relations with court bailiffs allow us to support the execution of judicial acts as quickly and effectively as possible.


We promptly support the activities of the bailiff in the following areas:

1) seizure of the debtor's property - money and securities held by the debtor or by other individuals or legal entities;

2) seizure of movable and immovable property of the debtor, which is in the possession of the debtor or other individuals or legal entities;

3) prohibition for the debtor to perform certain actions (alienate shares in the company, change directors, leave the country, drive a vehicle, etc.);

4) sealing the debtor's property;

5) seizure of the debtor's title documents;

6) prohibiting other persons from transferring property, including money, to the debtor or performing other actions in relation to it;

7) assistance in organizing trades in pledged or seized property.


Timely taken measures allow to quickly and efficiently recover accounts receivable or to oblige the debtor to fulfill other obligations under the court decision.