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Tax Practice

We provide legal advice on tax planning and tax risk management and represent clients in tax disputes in Kazakhstan, the CIS and Europe.

Our lawyers specialize in local and international taxation issues that arise in the course of foreign trade or investment transactions and transactions. 

Our value is not immediate benefit, but building long-term partnerships with each client, based on our professionalism and understanding of the client's business and strategic objectives.

We advise on tax aspects of Kazakhstani and international transactions, support clients' business on current tax issues and protect and represent their interests in disputes with tax authorities.


In particular, our services in the extrajudicial field:

1) Tax support in the current activities of the firm and groups of companies;
2) Support of desk and documentary tax audits, as well as audits of compliance with transfer pricing rules;
3) Pre-trial challenging the results of desk and documentary tax audits; 
4) Transfer pricing;
5) Enforcement of CIT, VAT and social taxes;
6) International taxation;
7) Tax audit;
8) Pre-trial settlement of disputed issues (explanations on notifications, complaint procedure for dispute settlement).


Court settlement of disputes:

1) Judicial challenge of the results of desk and documentary tax audits; 
2) Protection in disputes on the validity of tax benefit and good faith of the taxpayer;
3) Proceedings on reimbursement of overpaid taxes;
4) VAT refund cases;
5) Protection of clients when applying the legislation on criminal liability.