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Expert: Constitution of Kazakhstan is one of the best in the world

Director of the law firm "Sistema prava," Alexander Kaplan told the portal correspondent about the differences between the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan from the constitutions of other countries.


Woman threw child from the balcony (video)

In this case, a direct violation of an administrative or criminal legislation does not appear. Video Author's comment about a certain article 315 is not taken into account, as these articles of the current legislation related to other types of offenses and crimes. However, from the video it shows that the possibility of harm to the child if the father did not catch, and the child will be injured. In this case can be applied Article 114 of the Criminal Code (Negligent infliction of damage to health),"- said the lawyer Alexander Kaplan.

Journalists were expelled from the court hearing case about the fight at the "Chukotka"

This situation was commented by the director of law firm "Sistema prava," Alexander Kaplan: "Based on what has been previously published in the press, the process should be open, but in the past trial, the were no entry access for the journalists and bloggers. It is against the law, because, according to Article 29 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, a closed trial is permitted by a reasoned decision of the court in cases where it is required by the security interests of the victim, witness or other persons participating in case, as well as their family members or close relatives. "


Ekvilibro. Self-defense - the right to life?

March night of this year, the conflict between the Syrym Muratkaliev and Alexander Kuznetsov in Almaty club Chukotka ended in tragedy - after that young people quarreled, the  administration expelled them on the street, a picture of further events is trying to restore the investigation and trial.
Syrym Muratkaliev – is dead, and Alexander Kuznetsov was convicted under the article - causing death by negligence. This case for many months divided society into two camps - those who believe that Kuznetsov defended and those who believe that it is necessary to classify the case as a murder. The tragedy raised systemic issues that Ekvilibro program addressed to experts.

Treat no -  castrate

Director of the law firm "Sistema prava", a lawyer Alexander Kaplan:

- In the Constitution of Kazakhstan there is an article, absolutely applicable to pedophilia: "The rights and freedoms of man and citizen shall not violate the rights and freedoms of other persons, infringe on the constitutional system and public morals." If a person's right to protection of life and health is undeniable, so the rights of the pedophile, that is, the person has committed a proven at least one episode of sexual intercourse with a minor, it may be significantly restricted by law. Under the current Criminal Code sexual intercourse or other sexual acts with a minor is punishable by deprivation or restriction of freedom for up to 15 years. On the question of pedophilia it is necessary to solve the causes of the problem rather than its consequences. The causes of pedophilia can be many, but the result is the same - the fate and health of the children are  warped. In order to avoid this, I consider it possible to amend the legislation on the use of chemical or surgical means to pedophiles on the condition that the medical indications of a particular offender will confirm the effectiveness of these measures!

The most expensive city attorney

"... Fourth. Your clothes, of course - a sample of restraint and minimalism. There is always a way to indicate the status indirectly. Have a dozen - half white shirts, and only subtle nuance is enough for a smart look. As an example, the lawyer, the director of "Sistema prava" (Almaty) LLP, Alexander Kaplan".

"How to find your lawyer?" - New article for "Maitre" magazine.