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Criminal practice

Criminal proceedings are peculiar and very different in nature from any other corporate and other disputes because of the strong pressure elements in the person of the investigator, prosecutor and judge.

Our lawyers have successful experience in protecting the rights of victims and suspects at the pre-trial and judicial stages.

From the very beginning, we build a strategy of conduct, collect and provide evidence for investigation and trial, looking for witnesses, and other means to ensure the protection of the rights of clients in the criminal process.

In the field of criminal proceedings, we practice protection in the following areas:

1. Tax crimes (tax evasion, delivery of goods, provision of services, performance of works without their actual performance, etc.);
2. Crimes against property (misappropriation or embezzlement of entrusted property, fraud, etc.);
Economic crimes (economic smuggling, illegal actions during rehabilitation and bankruptcy, bringing to insolvency, etc.);
4. Corruption crimes (bribery, abuse of power, negligence, etc.).